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An Idyll of 1745, 1884 by Sir John Everett Millais
An Idyll of 1745, 1884 by Sir John Everett Millais

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Thomas Kinkade Autumn Blessings Illuminated Centerpiece Collection

Thomas Kinkade Autumn Blessings Illuminated Centerpiece Collection

The rich, vibrant colors of autumn's beauty come to life in a celebration of nature's artistry and the images of the Painter of Light??? with the Thomas Kinkade Autumn Blessings Centerpiece Collection, a limited-edition first-ever only from The Bradford Exchange. This unique collection of autumn centerpieces combines three of the artist's most beloved autumn scenes with our exclusive Always in Bloom?? everlasting floral arrangements in an illuminated display that will brighten any room in your home. Your collection begins with Issue One, Lamplight Village. Next to arrive will be Issue Two, Lamplight Love, and soon your collection will be complete with Issue Three, Cobblestone Bridge, each issue to arrive separately.???Each hand-formed Always in Bloom?? arrangement is displayed in a handcrafted vase graced with one of Mr. Kinkade's vibrant autumn paintings, recreated in brilliant color and detail. The vases gleam with a high-luster finish reminiscent of fine porcelain and are elegantly supported on golden feet. At the touch of a switch, LED lights concealed inside the vases illuminate the art from within, casting a warm glow. At the center of each arrangement is a cream-colored candle with a golden "flame" that's actually a flickering LED light. There are 2 taper candles and 1 large pillar candle. Additional soft white lights are nestled among the floral bouquets of red and orange roses, sunny daisies, assorted berry picks and greenery. Plus, these lovely Thomas Kinkade centerpieces are controlled by a 24-hour timer that automatically turns the lights on and off at the same time each night. Group them together or place them throughout your home for a variety of decorating options. Strong demand is expected. Order now!

Figurine: Disney Tinker Bell Owl Always Love You Figurine

Disney Tinker Bell Owl Always Love You Figurine

Whooo is that feathered friend cozying up to Tinker Bell? Why it's the cutest owl companion you'll ever meet! Celebrate a friendship that comes naturally with Disney Owl Always Love You, a lovely figurine starring Tinker Bell available from The Hamilton Collection. Master Craftsmen hand-sculpt this darling figurine showcasing Tinker Bell with her owl friend in fine detail and hand-paint it to bring out every nuance, from Tink's tender smile and little green dress to her sparkly crystalline wings.Then, using the most delicate brushes, artists hand-paint the intricate detailing in her baby owl friend's delicate feathers and big blue eyes. Their enchanting woodland surroundings complete this picture-perfect portrait of lasting friendship. This heartwarming Disney fairies figurine won't last long as strong demand is expected and the edition is limited to 95 casting days. To avoid disappointment, you're urged to order now! A fine collectible, not intended for children.

Ring: Midnight Rose Diamonesk Cocktail Ring

Midnight Rose Diamonesk Cocktail Ring

A sense of mystery. Intriguing drama. The dark beauty that only unfolds at midnight is the perfect fashion inspiration. Now you can make the mysteries of the night your own with this stunning Diamonesk® Midnight Rose Ring, a fine jewelry design exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. This fashionable cocktail-style ring glitters with over 3.65 carats of our exclusive Diamonesk® simulated gemstones, stones that possess a cut, color and clarity that rivals the finest gemstones.This elegant Midnight Rose cocktail-style ring is handcrafted of solid sterling silver. The spectacular mosaic of dazzling simulated diamonds, simulated Tanzanite and simulated sapphires is set inside the petals of a custom-designed flower, creating a stunning pattern that enriches the dark beauty of this midnight-inspired bloom. This gorgeous women's ring is certain to become a favorite and the centerpiece of your jewelry wardrobe, and it even arrives in a custom presentation case. Strong demand is expected, so don't wait. Order now!

Thomas Kinkade Heaven's Embrace Bereavement Angel Figurine

Thomas Kinkade Heaven's Embrace Bereavement Angel Figurine

Thomas Kinkade, the beloved Painter of Light™, brightens our spirits with the masterpieces he created. Now, his uplifting artistry inspires a tender tribute to those special people in our lives who are no longer with us, but their warm, wonderful memories continue to touch our hearts. The Hamilton Collection is pleased to present the Thomas Kinkade Heaven's Embrace Figurine, an exclusive limited-edition angel figurine that warmly conveys the comforting thought that we will be united with our loved ones in Heaven one day. This glorious figurine is exquisitely handcrafted by Master Artisans with the finest detail, from each etched feather of the angel's wings to the meticulously etched lace pattern of her flowing gown. Then this lovely angel is hand-painted in soft hues, evoking Mr. Kinkade's palette, along with a special pearlescent finish applied to her ensemble and wings, giving them a polished luster that shimmers in the light.For added glow, her robe and sash are trimmed in metallic golden paint and more golden paint is gently rubbed on her wings. Suspended from the angel's necklace is a twinkling genuine Swarovski crystal, symbolic of your loved one's sparkling spirit and the uplift you feel when you think of them. A single teardrop falls upon the angel's cheek, but not in sorrow, rather in the joy of knowing that your loved one's memory lives on in your heart. Etched into the bench she rests upon are the comforting words: "On Angel's wings you were taken But in my heart you'll stay And in God's light you will rest Until we meet again some day". The artist's golden lantern shines on the side of the bench, while roses bloom with the promise of brighter days ahead. The Thomas Kinkade Heaven's Embrace Figurine serves as a touching remembrance to treasure for yourself or to share as a loving bereavement gift. We expect strong demand. Order now!

Wonderful World Of Disney Walt Disney's Classic Characters Musical Carousel

Wonderful World Of Disney Walt Disney's Classic Characters Musical Carousel

For generations, classic, animated Disney films have swept us away to a wonderful world of imagination. Now this musical carousel brings their magic, merriment and heart come around once again for us to enjoy in the Wonderful World Of Disney Musical Carousel, available from The Bradford Exchange. Licensed by Disney and created with the artists of Disney, this enchanting treasure actually moves, circling around and around as it plays the melody of "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes," just like a real classic carousel.Fully sculpted and beautifully handcrafted of artist's resin to recall the lustrous look of fine porcelain and hand-set with sparkling glass jewels, this musical carousel is also expertly hand-painted to highlight 22 Disney characters' distinctive personalities as they ride around on 5 sculpted carousel horses. Enjoy a magical ride with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse; two of the most beloved Disney Princess characters, Cinderella and Snow White; Pinocchio; Dumbo; Donald Duck; Goofy, Tinker Bell; Bambi and more. PLUS the carousel's canopy and base showcase colorful two-dimensional artwork featuring 22 MORE Disney characters within ornate golden frames, for a total of 44 Disney friends in all! Strong demand is expected for this magical tribute to the wonder of Walt Disney's classic films, but the edition is limited to 295 crafting days, so don't delay. Order now!A fine collectible, not intended for children.

STAR TREK Express Train Collection - detail of Spock Train Car

STAR TREK Express Train Collection

STAR TREK Express Train Collection

For over 40 years, members of the Starship Enterprise™ have brought us incredible adventures exploring the Final Frontier! Now, celebrate this legendary show with the exclusive collectible STAR TREK electric train collection. The voyage begins with Issue One featuring an impressive diesel locomotive. Soon, you'll receive Issue Two, the coordinating STAR TREK engine, which includes a FREE HO gauge track and FREE power pack. The HO-scale train collection continues with Issue Three, a passenger train car, followed by Issue Four, Science Officer Spock - Live Long and Prosper dome car. Additional coordinating STAR TREK collectible train cars, each a separate issue, will follow.
Inspired by the original STAR TREK series and available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange, Hawthorne Village Division, this collectible STAR TREK HO-scale electric train collection is emblazoned with dramatic scenes and imagery from the original TV series. You'll want to "explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations - to boldly go where no man has gone before™" with this intricately detailed STAR TREK collectible that brings Captain Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy, Scotty and others to life. And, your collection includes the First Officer Spock dome car in tribute to one of the most legendary characters in science fiction history, arriving as Issue Four. Every inch of this STAR TREK electric train collection is precision scaled with authentic details - from the solid metal chassis and steel alloy wheels to the passenger train cars that actually light up. This is your chance to report to the transporter room and beam yourself aboard, but don't delay! Heavy demand is expected for this STAR TREK collectible, and it would be highly illogical to miss the chance to take a voyage on the Starship Enterprise. Order now!

STAR TREK Personalized Welcome Sign

STAR TREK Personalized Welcome Sign

After the trials and tribble-actions of a busy day, what could be better than returning to your family vessel to find your crew waiting to greet you with the traditional Vulcan salute? Now, take that warm welcome one step further with the officially-licensed STAR TREK Personalized Wall Decor, available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Personalized with your family's name, this stunning STAR TREK welcome sign greets your guests with the help of Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, Uhura and Sulu! Masterfully handcrafted in the U.S.A. with a handsome beveled edge, this out-of-this-world STAR TREK personalized wooden welcome sign measures over one foot tall and showcases full-color images of the hit science fiction television series along with your family name, custom printed in lettering that boldly goes across the bottom. Strong demand is anticipated for this STAR TREK welcome sign, so don't delay. Order now!

STAR TREK Collector's Ring

STAR TREK Collector's Ring

Now it's possible to wear an out-of-this-world tribute to STAR TREK in a bold men's jewelry design unlike any other, the STAR TREK Collector's Ring! Any fan of the interstellar sci-fi TV classic will immediately recognize the gleaming, sterling silver STAR TREK insignia - worn by all U.S.S. Enterprise™ crew members on their uniforms - set into black onyx and centered with a solitaire diamond as bright as a nearby star. This fine jewelry exclusive from The Bradford Exchange isn't just a statement of style; it's also an authentic collector's treasure for fans everywhere. Surrounding the genuine black onyx stone with the bold, diamond-studded STAR TREK emblem is a solid sterling silver ring of impressive design. On both sides, raised-relief images of the U.S.S. Enterprise™, each showing a different view of the ship, add important detail. One image features the STAR TREK logo, and the other calls out the official Constitution Class starship designation number NCC-1701. As a final authentic touch, the inside of the ring is engraved with the motto: SPACE: THE FINAL FRONTIER™. To wear this ring and boldly go in style anywhere, don't wait. Demand from STAR TREK fans is expected to be high, so be sure to order now!

Aliens Xenomorph Specimen Illuminated Sculpture

Aliens Xenomorph Specimen Illuminated Sculpture

A high-tech, adrenaline-pumping action thriller, Aliens® featured a team of tough, rugged space marines on a rescue mission fated to confront one of the most malevolent movie monsters ever conceived - the deadly Xenomorph! The non-stop war between human and alien exploded with fast-paced action, suspense and ultimately triumph. Now, you can capture the unremitting intensity and eerie essence of one of these horrifying creatures with the Aliens® Xenomorph Specimen Sculpture, a limited-edition illuminated sculpture exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Intricately handcrafted in astounding detail, this officially licensed Aliens® sculpture recreates the adrenaline-charged fear of the original Xenomorph Alien, from its bony exoskeleton - balancing on a metal alloy tail - to its mammoth head and claw-like hands. But fear not, the threat is safely contained in a watery environment within a sealed real glass canister. LED lights inside the base of the canister shine up onto the specimen, highlighting every terrifying detail. The base and cap recreate the futuristic look and mood of the movie set, including the industrial design of the Weyland-Yutani logo. This Aliens® collectible evokes all the gripping suspense of this blockbuster movie and is a must-have for sci-fi fans anywhere. Strong demand is expected. Order now!

Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence

Audubon, John James

Frédéric Bazille

Beardsley, Aubrey

Beda, Francesco

Boldini, Giovanni

Bouguereau, William-Adolphe

Caillebotte, Gustave

Cassatt, Mary

Cézanne, Paul

Chappel, Alonzo

Coolidge, C.M.

Cornoyer, Paul

Corot, Jean-Baptiste

Degas, Edgar

Delaroche, Paul (Hippolyte)

Dicksee, Sir Frank

Friedrich, Caspar David

Gauguin, Paul

Gogh, Vincent van

Goya, Francisco de

Hassam, Childe

Heade, Martin Johnson

Healy, George P. A.

Hicks, Edward

Hiroshige, Ando

Hofmann, Heinrich

Hunt, William Holman

Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique

Klimt, Gustav

Lebasque, Henri

Leighton, Frederic Lord

Manet, Edouard

Millais, Sir John Everett

Millet, Jean-François

Modigliani, Amedeo

Monet, Claude

Morisot, Berthe

Mucha, Alphonse

Munch, Edvard

Munnings, Sir Alfred James

Pissarro, Camille

Poynter, Sir Edward John

Redon, Odilon

Renoir, Pierre Auguste

Sargent, John Singer

Seurat, Georges

Sidaner, Henri le

Specht, Friedrich

Thayer, Abbott Handerson

Tissot, James

Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de

Turner, J.M.W.

Waterhouse, John William

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