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Adoration of the Magi by Heinrich Hofmann
Adoration of the Magi by Heinrich Hofmann

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Lena Liu Majestic Garden Crystal Vase Floral Table Centerpiece

Lena Liu Majestic Garden Crystal Vase Floral Table Centerpiece

Watch as glorious blossoms entice fluttering butterflies to the garden's edge, where their delicate wings shimmer against the dewy petals. Such is the delightful vision of award-winning acclaimed floral artist Lena Liu, and now her beloved imagery inspires an exquisite centerpiece of floral splendor, exquisite art, a genuine crystal vase and light! Introducing the Lena Liu Majestic Garden Table Centerpiece, an elegant Always In Bloom® first-ever floral arrangement exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Bursting with natural color, this lavish arrangement will always remain vibrant and fresh-looking, ready for you to enjoy forever.Imagine how beautiful this limited-edition bouquet will look in your home! The richly faceted genuine crystal vase is adorned with Lena Liu's romantic artwork of a butterfly garden in full bloom, recreated in superb detail. Long-lasting LED lights within the vase add extra luminosity to both the art and the crystal. It overflows with hand-formed cherry blossoms, peonies, white lilacs, delicate roses and textured greenery, all individually handcrafted from a silky-soft material - every flower of this centerpiece will remain perfect forever. Additional lights are nestled among the blossoms, creating an alluring glow you can enjoy day and night, on special occasions, or on any day of the year. And there's one more charming surprise; at the base of the vase you'll find a sparkling pink crystalline butterfly. Strong demand is expected for this dazzling flower arrangement, so don't wait. Order now!

Floral Bouquet: Thomas Kinkade All Is Bright Table Centerpiece

Floral Bouquet: Thomas Kinkade All Is Bright Table Centerpiece

At Christmas, homes and hearths come alive with evergreen boughs, red roses, glowing candlelight, and the sparkling radiance of crystal. Now, the timeless vision of Thomas Kinkade inspires the first-ever crystal candle centerpiece in our Always in Bloom™ line of signature floral arrangements. Bringing all the classic symbols of the holidays together, the Thomas Kinkade All Is Bright Crystal Candle Centerpiece combines a lifelike evergreen and flower arrangement with genuine crystal, village sculpture, radiant illumination, and holiday music. It's a dazzling celebration of the holiday's cherished traditions!Surrounding this faceted crystal candle is breathtaking floral bouquet of hand-formed silky red roses and lifelike evergreen, embellished with touches of snow-dusted pinecones, decorative berry sprigs and an elegant holiday bow. A festive Thomas Kinkade village nestles inside the candle, fully sculpted in miniature and hand-painted to bring every charming detail to life. Both the candle and the village light up as a medley of holiday music plays, and there's even a easy-to-set built-in timer for the lights. High demand is expected for this one-of-a-kind Always in Bloom Christmas centerpiece, so don't delay. Order now!

Thomas Kinkade Holidays Bring You Home Illuminating Village Table Centerpiece

Thomas Kinkade Holidays Bring You Home Illuminating Village Table Centerpiece

The memories of Christmas are timeless treasures that fill our hearts with cheer. During the Christmas season, the holiday spirit is everywhere you look. Now, the beloved Christmas artistry of Thomas Kinkade inspires a sculpted village scene at the center of a beautiful floral arrangement. Introducing the Thomas Kinkade Holidays Bring You Home Table Centerpiece, a first-ever Always in Bloom® rotating train centerpiece exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Enhanced by lights, music and a rotating train, this village centerpiece is imbued with the spirit and joy of the holiday season.In the middle of this everlasting floral arrangement of Always in Bloom® handcrafted flowers and greenery, a fully sculpted and hand-painted miniature village brings three buildings from Thomas Kinkade's holiday art to life. At the flip of a switch, the village and a sparkling star topper glow with light as a medley of 8 holiday carols plays and a real working train circles around the scene. LED lights shine throughout the seemingly alive arrangement of seasonal poinsettias, holly leaves, greenery and pine cones. It's an interactive work of artistic wonder that is sure to become part of your Christmas table decoration traditions for years to come, but strong demand is expected for this limited-edition treasure, so hurry - order now!

1:18 60th Anniversary 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Two-Tone Blue Diecast Car

1:18 60th Anniversary 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Two-Tone Blue Diecast Car

While the 1955 Chevrolet® Bel Air® was introduced by General Motors as "The Hot One," 1956 ushered in an even more dramatic facelift for the classic convertible roadster. Now, you're invited to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the debut of the 1956 Chevy® Bel Air with the 1:18 60th Anniversary 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Diecast Car, available from The Hamilton Collection. From its larger, full-width grille to its two-tone paint scheme, this gorgeous replica of the sleek 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air perfectly showcases just how beautifully the '56 delivered on the promise of an "even hotter" look, with an ambiance of motion - even when standing still!This convertible 1956 Bel Air diecast is precision-crafted to 1:18-scale and measures a big 11 inches long! It boasts authentic "speedline" styling from bumper to bumper, including gleaming "chrome" accents, the classic Nassau Blue and Harbor Blue two-tone paint scheme, and the famous rear tailfins. Details include opening doors that reveal a fully detailed interior and an opening hood that houses a manufacturer-specific engine compartment. No detail has been overlooked! Strong demand is expected, so don't miss out. Order now!

1:18-Scale 1934 Duesenberg Model J Diecast Car: Black/Green

1:18-Scale 1934 Duesenberg Model J Diecast Car: Black/Green

Elegant, luxurious and mechanically advanced, the American-made Duesenberg Model J quickly became known as one of the fastest, most stylized, most sought-after cars in the market. Now, experience the luxury of this history-making automobile with the 1:18-Scale 1934 Duesenberg Model J Diecast Car, proudly presented by The Hamilton Collection. Movie stars, heads-of-states and business tycoons were some of the elite few who could afford this ground-breaking vehicle, and now its head-turning beauty can be yours with this Duesenberg diecast model car. Sleekly styled to reflect the gorgeous lines of the "Duesey" itself, this 1:18-scale 1934 Duesenberg Model J diecast is precision engineered to capture the exacting detailing of the one displayed at the Duesenberg museum, from its steerable, rubber whitewall tires with front fender-mounted spares to its gleaming, chrome-colored grille. It boasts an eye-catching, two-tone body design and the doors open to reveal its richly carpeted interior. Plus, the hood bay doors open to reveal the Duesenberg's powerful straight-8 engine in full manufacturer-specific detail! And, the detachable base with title plaque provides the perfect presentation. Strong demand is anticipated, so don't delay. Order now!

1:18-Scale 1966 Ford GT-40 MK II #2 Diecast Car: Black

1:18-Scale 1966 Ford GT-40 MK II #2 Diecast Car: Black

In 1966 Ford rocked the international racing circuit with its historic 1-2-3 sweep at the 24-hour Grand Prix d'Endurance at Le Mans! The legendary car that took first place? The 1966 Ford GT-40 Mark II #2, a 2-door coupe that could reach 60 mph in 5.2 seconds - topping out at 199 mph. Now you can celebrate this trail-blazing car with the 1:18-Scale 1966 Ford GT-40 MK II #2 Diecast Car, presented by The Hamilton Collection. Every praise-worthy detail of the real deal is faithfully replicated in this Ford diecast car, precision engineered and beautifully crafted in 1:18-scale by Shelby Collectibles to replicate the high-performance car that made Le Mans history.This spectacular diecast replica car boasts an opening hood, trunk and doors, and features a finely articulated interior and engine along with PVC Goodyear tires, working steering, and official race-inspired graphics. A high-gloss black paint treatment along with signature racing stripes and a wealth of chrome-colored accessories give this car an impeccably realistic look. If you're a fan of American racing cars, you don't want to miss this, but HURRY! Strong demand is expected, so order now!

Sparkling Blue Willow Hand-Painted Elephant Figurine Adorned With Swarovski Crystals

Sparkling Blue Willow Hand-Painted Elephant Figurine Adorned With Swarovski Crystals

An ancient Chinese legend tells the tale of forbidden love. Despite being promised to a powerful Duke, a young maiden runs off with her true love, a humble clerk. Angered by the betrayal, the Duke seeks revenge. But before the young lovers can be captured, the gods bestow fortune on the couple, turning them into a pair of doves who fly away and spend eternity together. Now a symbol of this ancient love story can be yours with the Sparkling Blue Willow Elephant Figurine, a first-ever available in a limited edition only from The Hamilton Collection. Inspired by the classic style of Blue Willow china, this handcrafted, hand-painted elephant figurine gloriously celebrates the promise of true love.Every magnificent detail replicates the timeless colors and patterns of this cherished china pattern. Collectors will admire the smooth, curved lines of the elephant's upturned trunk, a universal sign of good fortune. Intricate Blue Willow designs adorn her graceful ears and legs, and the elephant's opulent headpiece and coverlet sparkle with 37 genuine Swarovski® crystals, 35 hand-applied faux gems and sculptured pearls. Master Artists employ richly-hued pearlescent and metallic paints to beautifully enhance this elephant collectible, one brushstroke at a time. The bright cobalt-blue and white colors are finished with a high gloss porcelain-like glaze that mirrors the lustrous look of the very china that inspired its creation. Strong demand is expected. Order now!

Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence

Audubon, John James

Frédéric Bazille

Beardsley, Aubrey

Beda, Francesco

Boldini, Giovanni

Bouguereau, William-Adolphe

Caillebotte, Gustave

Cassatt, Mary

Cézanne, Paul

Chappel, Alonzo

Coolidge, C.M.

Cornoyer, Paul

Corot, Jean-Baptiste

Degas, Edgar

Delaroche, Paul (Hippolyte)

Dicksee, Sir Frank

Friedrich, Caspar David

Gauguin, Paul

Gogh, Vincent van

Goya, Francisco de

Hassam, Childe

Heade, Martin Johnson

Healy, George P. A.

Hicks, Edward

Hiroshige, Ando

Hofmann, Heinrich

Hunt, William Holman

Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique

Klimt, Gustav

Lebasque, Henri

Leighton, Frederic Lord

Manet, Edouard

Millais, Sir John Everett

Millet, Jean-François

Modigliani, Amedeo

Monet, Claude

Morisot, Berthe

Mucha, Alphonse

Munch, Edvard

Munnings, Sir Alfred James

Pissarro, Camille

Poynter, Sir Edward John

Redon, Odilon

Renoir, Pierre Auguste

Sargent, John Singer

Seurat, Georges

Sidaner, Henri le

Specht, Friedrich

Thayer, Abbott Handerson

Tissot, James

Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de

Turner, J.M.W.

Waterhouse, John William

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