Thomas Luny, 1759–1837,
Ship & Seascape Paintings

Incredibly Detailed Historical Windjammers & Sea Battles.
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The Battle of the Nile, August 1st 1798, 1830by Thomas Luny

The Battle of the Nile, August 1st 1798,
painted 1830 by Thomas Luny

A Felucca off the North African Coast, 1825 by Thomas Luny

A Felucca off the North African Coast, 1825 by Thomas Luny

The Battle of Algiers: the Bombardment, 1824 by Thomas Luny

The Battle of Algiers: The Bombardment, 1824 by Thomas Luny

The Battle of the Nile, August 1st 1798, 1830 by Thomas Luny

The Battle of the Nile, August 1st 1798

A Felucca off the North African Coast, 1825 by Thomas Luny

A Felucca off the North African Coast

Teignmouth by Moonlight by Thomas Luny

Teignmouth by Moonlight

A Brig Entering Dartmouth Harbour, with a Ferry in the Foreground, 1828 by Thomas Luny

A Brig Entering Dartmouth Harbour,
with a Ferry in the Foreground

Plymouth Sound, 1829 by Thomas Luny

Plymouth Sound

View up the Teign by Thomas Luny

View up the Teign

Teignmouth and the Ness, Devon, 1825 by Thomas Luny

Teignmouth and the Ness, Devon

Portsmouth from Spithead by Thomas Luny

Portsmouth from Spithead

Stormgrave Celestial Clock

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Nutcracker Musical Glitter Globe

Nutcracker Musical Glitter Globe

A gift that comes to life and a little girl's belief in the power of love and loyalty sets the stage for one of the most beloved ballets of all time, the "Nutcracker". Now, celebrate the land of the Mouse Kings, gingerbread soldiers, enchanted princes, and a magical Tchaikovsky score with the Nutcracker Glitter Globe, available in a limited edition exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. This Russian art-inspired Nutcracker musical glitter globe is sure to delight! Masterfully handcrafted with extraordinary detailing, inside this glitter globe is a hand-sculpted and hand-painted Clara holding Nutcracker beside a Christmas tree, graced with a golden ribbon inscribed with "The Nutcracker". The base of this ballet glitter globe is crafted of Heirloom Porcelain® and lavished with 22K gold trim and dazzling jewels around the top and bottom. The base also showcases scenes from the story in the dramatically hued, lacquer-inspired style of authentic Russian Palekh art. Plus, at the turn of a key, Clara turns in a shower of sparkling glitter to the melody of "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy". Strong demand is expected, so don't delay. Order now!

Paws-itively Precious Rotating Musical Glitter Globe

Paws-itively Precious Rotating Musical Glitter Globe

In a sunny garden blossoming with flowers and fun, ten precious kittens gather to play. Whether nuzzling nose to nose or chasing a ball of yarn, these sweet kitties capture our attention and our hearts! Now, celebrate your passion for kittens with this adorable Paws-itively Precious Musical Glitter Globe, a limited-edition cat collectible available only from The Bradford Exchange. This rotating musical glitter globe is inspired by the endearing kitten portraits of world-renowned artist Jurgen Scholz. Sitting amidst an abundance of posies, a darling kitten pair snuggles within the globe. Glittering golden paw prints and hearts swirl all around them with a gentle shake. The base of this musical treasure is decorated with Jurgen Scholz's sweet kitten art. More adorable kittens frolic around the woodgrain-finished white picket fence and garden path, crafted with the look and feel of a stone walkway. Each kitten's charming "purr-sonality" is captured through meticulous sculptural handcrafting and hand-painting. Watch as the platform of the base rotates and more dear kitties come into view! The base features the cherished phrase, "Cats Leave Paw Prints On Our Hearts". For the finishing touch, the globe plays the melody of "Always in My Heart". You won't want to miss the fun with these irresistible charmers, so don't wait. Order now!

Majestic Waters Illuminated Cold-Cast Stone Eagle Sculpture

Majestic Waters Illuminated Cold-Cast Stone Eagle Sculpture

Few things remind us of the breathtaking beauty of nature more than the bald eagle. A creature of freshwater rivers, lakes and mountain streams, the bald eagle takes sustenance from our nation's crystal-clear waters. Now, the magnificent bald eagle and the glorious abundance of our natural resources combine in the Majestic Waters Sculpture, a limited edition exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Master artisans have ingeniously crafted this masterpiece from cold-cast stone for natural beauty and durability. Full of majesty and grace, this stunning sculpture portrays a majestic eagle rising from a trickling stream, its massive wings unfurled. From the tip of its curled beak to the ends of its powerful talons and the detailing in its feathers, this illuminated eagle sculpture is completely hand-painted in natural hues to capture the beauty of this incredible creature as it launches into the air. Sparkling clear artist's resin recreates the look of flowing water as it cascades along artfully arranged sculptural tree stumps into a series of pools. The three pools are subtly illuminated with blue LED lights that shine upward, bringing a dramatic effect to the entire eagle sculpture. Standing over 13 inches tall, this commanding cold-cast stone sculpture is a treasure to behold from any angle. Strong demand is expected. Order now!

Ted Blaylock Majestic Flight Bald Eagle Wall Clock

Ted Blaylock Majestic Flight Bald Eagle Wall Clock

Whether soaring gracefully in the clouds or spiraling swiftly downward, the majestic bald eagle is the ultimate free spirit - master of his own time and place. Now, you can marvel at the mighty bald eagle any time of day or night with the Majestic Flight Wall Clock, a limited edition market first featuring the dramatic eagle imagery of acclaimed artist Ted Blaylock exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. This handsome wall clock breaks the boundaries of traditional design by showcasing a fully dimensional eagle emerging from a 2D image of a gorgeous canyon vista. Using a groundbreaking printing process, both Ted Blaylock's vivid eagle canyon art and the clock face are transferred onto a seamless piece of shimmering brushed metal. It's this iridescent background that sets the stage for the most dramatic design element - the fully sculpted eagle that's masterfully hand-painted in true-to-life hues and perfectly positioned to break free from the two-dimensional landscape. The entire piece is housed in a rich, mahogany-finished wooden case complete with an intricately trimmed frame. This Ted Blaylock Majestic Flight Wall Clock is not only an exceptional work of eagle art; it's a precision timepiece that boasts an accurate quartz movement, elegant golden hands and stately Roman numerals. We expect demand to be strong for this premiere wall clock showcasing the stunning eagle art of Ted Blaylock, so don't delay. Order now!

Ted Blaylock Soaring Guardians Louis Comfort Tiffany-Style Eagle Lamp

Ted Blaylock Soaring Guardians Louis Comfort Tiffany-Style Eagle Lamp

Hunter. Aerialist. Master of all he surveys. The mighty eagle will forever inspire us in myriad ways, but it's his ability to silently ride the winds high above earthly cares that inspires the most awe. Now, you can celebrate the breathtaking view of this magnificent creature in the market premiere Ted Blaylock Soaring Guardians Lamp, featuring four of Mr. Blaylock's award-winning artworks handcrafted in Louis Comfort Tiffany-Style, exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Standing at nearly two feet high, this striking eagle lamp is sure to take you to new heights! For the first time ever, Ted Blaylock's "A Rest at the River", "Breaking Clouds", "Coastal Hunter", and "Sunrise Cascade" grace an eagle lamp shade handcrafted of authentic stained glass in a Louis Comfort Tiffany-Style design. The artwork panels are framed by over 80 intricately hand-set pieces of hand-leaded, translucent stained glass in shades of azure and sky blue. The imagery is fired directly onto the glass, permanently fused as one, assuring lifelong beauty while the ribbed column, stacked pedestal base, finial, and pull chains are finished in antiqued bronze to complement any decor. Plus, two pull chains allow you to control each side independently and set the mood. For added delight, this striking table lamp comes with two FREE long-lasting CFL bulbs. Strong demand is expected, order now!

Ted Blaylock Journey Of The Spirit Eagle Wall Decor Collection

Ted Blaylock Journey Of The Spirit Eagle Wall Decor Collection

According to ancient and highly revered legends, the presence of the spirit eagle brings many mystical gifts. Its majestic wings provide strength to soar to greater heights. It's piercing eyes bestow courage to see a new perspective. And its powerful beak and talons capture what is most desired. Now, celebrate this alluring creature with the Journey of the Spirit Wall Decor Collection, featuring Ted Blaylock eagle art. Your wall decor collection will begin with Issue One, Silent Spirit. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Two, Journey of the Spirit Display - a $70 value, yours for the same low price as a single issue, Issue Three, Sacred Spirit, and two additional issues of Ted Blaylock wall decor to complete your collection. Each issue will arrive separately.
Exclusively from The Bradford Exchange, each issue in this stunning collection is individually handcrafted and features hand-applied adornments including real feathers, wooden beads and genuine leather. Ted Blaylock's breathtaking eagle portraits are showcased on four of the issues and inspire the sculptural eagle head crafted onto a buffalo skull in Issue One. Plus, the custom-crafted tomahawk and wooden spear display, which ships second, holds each Native America-inspired totem to create a breathtaking presentation of eagle art. Strong demand is expected for this limited-edition wall decor collection, so order now!

Ted Blaylock Breaking The Clouds Eagle Wall Clock

Ted Blaylock Breaking The Clouds Eagle Wall Clock

With the mighty beat of its powerful wings as it soars through the mountains, the American bald eagle is the epitome of freedom and a wondrous symbol of the land it calls home. Now, the stunning eagle artwork of acclaimed wildlife artist Ted Blaylock brings the majesty of the eagle into your home in the Breaking The Clouds Wall Clock, available only from The Bradford Exchange. Combining rugged beauty and contemporary design, this unique eagle art wall clock is sure to capture attention and garner compliments. Handcrafted of durable artist's resin to perfectly recapture the look of the western mountain peaks and aeries where wild eagles make their home, this sculpted rock-look wall clock stands nearly one-and-a-half feet tall. Ted Blaylock's eagle artwork is brought to life in breathtaking detail on the "rock's" surface, while a second "rock" slab is carved to make up the raised clock face and is adorned with handsome roman numerals. Plus, your limited-edition eagle art wall clock features a precision quartz movement for years of meticulous functionality. Strong demand is expected, so don't delay. Order now!

Bald Eagle Personalized Welcome Sign: Soaring Guardians

Bald Eagle Personalized Welcome Sign: Soaring Guardians

The majestic eagle is a powerful symbol of freedom, and always a welcome sight to behold. Now you can provide a comparable captivating greeting to all who enter you home with Soaring Guardians, a bald eagle personalized welcome sign, exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Personalized with your family's name, this stunning welcome sign creates an impressive display of nature's noble bird wherever you choose to display it. Handcrafted with a durable wood veneer, this striking bald eagle personalized welcome sign showcases full-color art by renowned artist Al Agnew. A breathtaking collage of Mr. Agnew's eagle images, at over one foot tall creates an amazing backdrop for your personalized welcome message, and arrives ready to display. Don't miss this opportunity to soar on the wings of eagles. Strong demand is expected, so order now!

The Soaring Spirits By Ted Blaylock Eagle Art Wall Decor

The Soaring Spirits By Ted Blaylock Eagle Art Wall Decor

According to Native American tradition, warriors often wear ceremonial headdress decorated with animal imagery to invoke spirits and harness their powers. To wear the feathers and likeness of an eagle means the warrior seeks the eagle's strength, wisdom and courage. Now you can celebrate inspiring symbolism with this striking eagle art wall decor, available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Exquisitely handcrafted in artist's resin, this warrior inspired decor features a replica ceremonial headdress decorated with real feathers, hand-painted beadwork, turquoise-color accents and jewel-toned medallions. Ted Blaylock's dramatic, panoramic portraits of powerful eagles are showcased on this first-of-a-kind wall decor. High demand is expected, so order now!

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