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Interior of Tilla Kari Medressa at Registan, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Uzbekistan, Central Asia

Interior of Tilla Kari Medressa at Registan,
UNESCO World Heritage Site, Uzbekistan

Handloom Silk Weaving, Margilan, Uzbekistan, Central Asia

Handloom Silk Weaving, Margilan, Uzbekistan.

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The Great Silk Road Silver NGC Coin

The Great Silk Road Silver NGC Coin

For millennia, bold merchants and adventurers journeyed on the historic routes of land and sea known as the Silk Road. Fables, luxuries and rare treasures of the East and West - silks, spices, porcelain and new ideas - would be exchanged for precious metal coins. Now, you can own one of these exotic precious coins with The Great Silk Road Silver Coin, available in an exclusive presentation from The Bradford Exchange Mint. This ancient coin is sure to make an exciting and rare addition to your coin collection. Hand-struck in the kingdom of Tabaristan on the Caspian Sea over 1,200 years ago, this genuine, historic silver coin's obverse bears a dramatic image of the great king Umar. The reverse portrays attendants flanking a fire altar. Dating from around AD 780 - 793, this historic NGC coin is certified by the prestigious NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) as an authentic Ancient coin in Mint State condition. Your coin arrives secured in a proprietary NGC holder for enduring beauty and includes a Deluxe Display Box. This is a once-in-a-lifetime collecting opportunity, and strong demand is expected. Don't wait -order now!

Silver Coin Collection: The Ancient Civilizations Artifacts

Silver Coin Collection: The Ancient Civilizations Artifacts

Imagine gleaming silver coins and ancient artifacts changing hands in the marketplace of Athens, or watching Mayan high priests ascend the pyramids to read the world's fate in the stars. Now, for the very first time, these long-lost silver treasures of ancient civilization are recaptured in The Ancient Civilizations Silver Artifacts Coin Collection, only from The Bradford Exchange Mint. This landmark collection of ancient artifacts begins with Issue One, Ancient Greece and historical collector's panel, including a FREE magnifying glass. Soon, your collection will continue with Issue Two, Maya and historical collector's panel, including a FREE collector's album and Issue Three, Ancient China - Tang Dynasty and historical collector's panel. Additional ancient civilization artifacts within historical collector's panels, each a separate issue, will follow. Recreating in stunning detail history-making ancient artifacts from around the world, each collectible issue showcases an authentic design and includes a portion of genuine silver culled from antiquity. Each of the silver artifacts in your collection arrives preserved within crystal-clear casing and mounted on colorful collector's panels, filled with histories, timelines and fascinating facts. Plus, each of the panels can be beautifully displayed in your FREE custom-designed collector's album, preserving your ancient civilization artifacts in heirloom condition. This is a once-in-a-lifetime collectible opportunity, and strong demand is expected. Don't wait - order now!

The Spirit Within Luminary Glass Ornament With Timer Collection

The Spirit Within Luminary Glass Ornament With Timer Collection

Whether it's the glow of the eternal moon that speaks to their wild spirit or the gleam in their eyes that pierces the veil of the forest, wolves have always had a special relationship with light and shadows. Now, these majestic creatures of the wild step into the light on hand-blown glass wolf Christmas ornaments graced with the compelling wolf imagery of Al Agnew in The Spirit Within Ornament Collection, exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Your limited-edition collection arrives in sets of 4 ornaments, beginning with Issue One, Spirit Journey, Spirits of the Pack, Winter Majesty and Midnight Serenade. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Two and additional sets of 4 glass wolf Christmas ornaments, each set a separate issue, to follow. Every 4-ornament set in this collection is crafted of hand-blown glass in classic teardrop shapes with both satiny and shiny finishes, and illuminates from within as the result of an exciting design innovation that incorporates miniature LED lights directly into the silver capper of each ornament so you can hang them anywhere - no light strand needed! Plus, convenient built-in 24-hour timers turn your ornaments on and off automatically every night. Shimmering like starlight, they show off Al Agnew's dramatic art along with intricately handcrafted artistic design elements, including elaborate swirls of icy glitter, faceted faux jewels, and glittery snowflake, star and branch patterns. Each set of 4 illuminated glass ornaments with timers arrives in a custom-made collector's keepsake box, finished in a rich blue tone with Al Agnew wolf art on the lid and a velvety tray inside that holds each ornament snugly for safe storage. But hurry - strong demand is expected. Order now!

Disney Snow White Hidden Treasure Illuminated Cuckoo Clock

Disney Snow White Hidden Treasure Illuminated Cuckoo Clock

Celebrate the 80th anniversary of Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"! Remember the journey through the forest, into the Dwarfs' cottage, and even down into their diamond mine? Now the adventure continues in this very special Collector's Edition, the Disney Snow White Hidden Treasure Cuckoo Clock, a design original from The Bradford Exchange. At nearly 1-1/2 feet high, this illuminated cuckoo clock is a triumph of the sculptor's art. Showcasing not only the dwarfs' cottage and the forest, but also their diamond mine, it stars Snow White, the Evil Queen in her Old Hag form, and all seven of the dwarfs - brought to life with lights, music and motion! What a magical wonder! Handcrafted in artist's resin and hand-painted, each location is depicted in remarkable detail. The front of the cottage features the clock face and provides the perfect backdrop for Snow White and Dopey, while the Evil Queen in her Old Hag form beckons with a poison apple from one of the cottage windows. Down below, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, and Sneezy work in the diamond mine, while Doc and Grumpy swing on the decorative pickaxe weights that flank the clock's pendulum (adorned with the film's official logo, of course). But there's more to discover! On the hour, the cottage windows and the "diamonds" in the mine light up and the dwarfs take a ride through their mine to an iconic melody from the movie! Don't wait to bring home this must-have Disney collectible - the edition is limited to 295 casting days, and strong demand is expected. Order now!

Mystic Sentinels Wolf Lamp

Mystic Sentinels Wolf Lamp

Noble wolves reign supreme over their forest wilderness. Always watchful, always in tune with their natural surroundings, they stand alert as mighty guardian spirits - illuminating the night with their mystical presence. Now, you can shed light on their mysterious ways with the Mystic Sentinels Lamp, a limited-edition wolf lamp graced with the breathtaking wolf imagery of award-winning artist Al Agnew exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. This magnificent wildlife lamp is meticulously handcrafted in artist's resin and features three wolves standing guard on the base in fully sculptural form with hand-painted detailing for incredible realism. The trunks of three birch trees tower above the wolves and serve as the perfect support for a handsome, silver-lined fabric box shade emblazoned with the breathtaking wolf artistry of Al Agnew - when lit, the artwork glows with a mystical presence. A mahogany-finished lamp base adds stature and stability to this nearly 1-1/2-foot lamp. Strong demand is expected. Order now!

Lamp: Spirits Of The Forest Al Agnew Wolf Lamp

Spirits Of The Forest Al Agnew Wolf Lamp

Once an endangered species, the timberwolf rebounded from near extinction. Today, its powerful presence is as strong as ever and you can celebrate this majestic creature with Spirits Of The Forest Lamp by acclaimed artist Al Agnew, featuring his striking art of wolves on the lampshade, a limited edition exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Standing nearly 1-1/2 feet high, this tabletop lamp showcases Al Agnew's thrilling "Winter Majesty" wolf art while the lamp base is sculpted as birch trees, sheltering a watchful pair of sculpted wolves on rocky, snow-covered terrain. The birch bark, winter landscape and naturalistic wolves come alive in hand-sculpted, hand-painted detail. Plus, this wolf art lamp includes deep brown fabric trim on the shade, a mahogany-finished base, two-way on/off switch, and a FREE 13-watt CFL bulb to highlight the beautiful reaction of the wolf pack art and lend a soft illumination to your home decor. Strong demand is expected, so don't delay and order now!

Whitetail Deer Gathering Cuckoo Clock

Whitetail Deer Gathering Cuckoo Clock

Go "into the wild" with this nature-themed cuckoo clock. A majestic representation of the beauty of wildlife and the great outdoors, this Whitetail Gathering Cuckoo Clock is available in a limited edition exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Capturing the lush atmosphere of the forest with its beautiful habitants, this unique cuckoo clock shall add an authentic touch of nature to your home. Get in touch with nature and the beautiful creatures that make up its habitat with this stunning wall clock. This cuckoo clock is handcrafted in traditional cuckoo clock style. The majestic sculpted deer and lush landscape is hand-painted to bring the serene scene to life. Adding the perfect finishing touch, the clock is topped by a fully-dimensional 10-point buck sculpture. An elegant swinging pendulum and decorative pine cone weights add to the overall environmental aesthetic. Powered by a reliable quartz movement and at the top of each hour, a traditional cuckoo emerges with a chirp. Strong demand is expected, so order now!

Music Box: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Music Box

Music Box: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Music Box

The wonderful tale of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer® has captivated the hearts of children everywhere for half a century with its sentimental story, stop-motion animation magic and sweet songs. Now, you can capture the fun and excitement of the longest-running holiday special in a 50-year celebration of this beloved story with the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Music Box, an officially licensed, first-ever limited edition only from The Bradford Exchange. This fine, heirloom-quality music box is exquisitely handcrafted with a rich mahogany finish in the elite artistic traditions of Rhodes Studios for enduring collectibility. An intricately sculpted North Pole scene, complete with Christmas tree, is tucked inside this enchanting musical keepsake. Look closely and you'll find all your favorite characters in the scene - Rudolph®, Clarice®, Sam the Snowman®, Yukon Cornelius®, Abominable Snow Monster® and, of course, Hermey® the elf - all fully sculpted and hand-painted in festive holiday colors. Character artwork within a stained-glass-looking frame brightens the underside of the music box lid. Turn the key and you'll be transported back in time as the music box plays the signature melody "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer". As a distinctive finishing touch, the front of the music box is graced with a golden "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" name plaque. Strong demand is expected for this 50th anniversary tribute to this beloved holiday classic. So, don't delay, order now!

Rudolph's Christmas Town Express: Collectible Rudolph Train Set

Rudolph's Christmas Town Express: Collectible Rudolph Train Set

For millions of families, it wouldn't be Christmas without the beloved television classic "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer®". Now Rudolph and his friends are ready to help create a new family tradition with the first-ever Rudolph® train set, including everything you need to enjoy the excitement of a real working On30-scale electric train. Bringing the wonder from the North Pole to your home, the Rudolph Express features a steam locomotive, coal tender, and two classic train cars - each one capturing the wonderful spirit of this beloved classic. Plus, you'll also receive the FREE 16-piece track set and power pack - a $100 value. Available only from The Bradford Exchange, Hawthorne Village Division, this Rudolph collectible train set is precision scaled with authentic detail - from its solid metal chassis and steel alloy wheels to the steam locomotive's working headlight and illuminated train cars - and it features sculpted Rudolph characters and decorations throughout. Are you ready to experience the heartwarming story of Rudolph like never before? Then this magical Rudolph train set has your ticket to ride. Strong demand is expected, so don't wait to secure yours - order now!

Thomas Kinkade Almost Christmas Sculpture With Lights Music And Motion

Thomas Kinkade Almost Christmas Sculpture With Lights Music And Motion

On Christmas Eve, when it's ALMOST Christmas, Santa Claus is at his busiest, but he'll always take time to check his Naughty or Nice list. Now, inspired by the artistry of Thomas Kinkade, this heartwarming Christmas sculpture captures Santa as he prepares for the big night, creating a holiday treasure filled with lights, motion, and music! Presenting the Thomas Kinkade Almost Christmas Sculpture, a spectacular limited-edition first ever exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. This premiere masterwork is sure to become a treasured holiday heirloom, passed along from generation to generation! Individually hand-cast in artist's resin and hand-painted in exquisite detail. Santa stands by his richly adorned sleigh, petting a gentle reindeer as he gives his Special List one more look. His bag, overflowing with toys, sits in the back of the sleigh. But take another look at the sleigh - it holds a fascinating treat: a miniature illuminated Thomas Kinkade village with a moving sleigh, "flying" high above the beautiful snow-covered sculpture scene as a medley of eight classic holiday melodies fills the air! Don't wait to make this magical heirloom-quality Thomas Kinkade Santa sculpture yours; intense demand is expected. Order now!

PEANUTS It's the Great Pumpkin Illuminated Halloween Tabletop Tree

PEANUTS It's the Great Pumpkin Illuminated Halloween Tabletop Tree

For Charlie Brown, Linus, Snoopy and the entire PEANUTS gang, Halloween is a time to believe in the most sincere pumpkin patch - hoping that the Great Pumpkin will finally arrive. Now, join your favorite characters as they bring spooky sights and delightful frights with the PEANUTS It's the Great Pumpkin Halloween Tabletop Tree from The Bradford Exchange. Measuring over a foot high and pre-lit with over 35 built-in LED lights, this illuminated tabletop tree arrives ready to brighten your Halloween as only the PEANUTS gang can. The tree overflows with intricately-designed and handcrafted figurines of your favorite PEANUTS friends, each one capturing their unique personalities, costumes and hilarious dispositions. Look closely and you'll find Charlie Brown trick-or-treating with a barrel of Jack-o-Lanterns, sweet Sally waiting faithfully with the ever-hopeful Linus, a broom-flying Woodstock outlined by a glowing full moon, and more favorite characters amidst an array of sculpted pumpkins, Jack-o-Lanterns and "flying" bats. Simply flip the switch of this PEANUTS collectible to turn this glitter-touched tree into a display you'll enjoy day or night, and watch as the LEDs add a good-time Halloween glow. Strong demand is expected, so don't wait - order now!

Thomas Kinkade Dash Away All Holiday Heirloom Porcelain Collector Plate With Custom-Crafted Box

Thomas Kinkade Dash Away All Holiday Heirloom Porcelain Collector Plate With Custom-Crafted Box

Spend the holidays basking in the wonders of a Thomas Kinkade cottage scene, where Santa and his sleigh "whoosh" across the rooftop, barely disturbing the powdery snow! Now this beloved imagery is presented on this Thomas Kinkade Dash Away All Collector Plate, an official 2017 Annual Edition exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. A treasure of holiday joy, it beautifully conveys the power of belief - you can almost hear Santa shouting "Dash Away All!" as his 8 flying reindeer take to the sky!Superbly crafted of fine Heirloom Porcelain®, this beautiful holiday collector plate frames Thomas Kinkade's heartwarming artistry with a decorative border and 22K gold rim. Presented in its own Heirloom Box, this elegant keepsake is the perfect way to remember all the special moments of the year and preserve them for years to come. But don't wait! This important limited edition has a firing period that ends forever on December 31, 2017! Strong demand is expected, so don't wait. Order now!

Cuckoo Clock: P-40 Flying Tiger Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Clock: P-40 Flying Tiger Cuckoo Clock

Brazen, brave and very effective, the Flying Tigers flew their way into WWII history, turning their shark-tooth adorned P-40 Warhawk fighter planes into fearsome symbols of American firepower. Now this bold P-40 Flying Tiger Cuckoo Clock salutes the heroic efforts of the legendary American Volunteer Group better known as the Flying Tigers. A Bradford Exchange exclusive, this incredible cuckoo clock captures the glory and sacrifices of those courageous pilots in a stunning tribute that honors them every minute of every day, right in your own home. Just the amazing design of this limited-edition cuckoo clock is sure to make it a conversation piece. Intricately sculpted and painted by hand in authentic detail, it recreates a WWII-era hangar, complete with camouflage roof, United States Army Air Corps motifs, flags, pilots waiting for action, and much more. Beneath the hangar are four pinecone weights, along with a brass-toned metal pendulum boasting a prop and wings insignia. Best of all, on the hour a classic P-40 Warhawk taxies out of the hangar while the roar of an Allison engine fills the air. This extraordinary cuckoo clock is certain to create intense demand, so don't wait to recruit yours. Order now!

The DC-3 Airplane Classic Chronograph Stainless Steel Men's Watch

The DC-3 Airplane Classic Chronograph Stainless Steel Men's Watch

The DC-3 airliner will certainly do gown in history as the plane that forever changed the face of travel. Introduced to service in 1937, this is the plane that gave passengers their first transcontinental flights, eventually making worldwide travel accessible to everyone. Now you can wear a stylish tribute to the history-making DC-3 airplane with The DC-3 Classic Men's Watch, a fine jewelry design available in a strictly limited edition of 5,000 exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. With its striking design and top-of-the-line reliability, this handsome chronograph watch is destined to become as popular as the airliner that inspired it. This men's stainless steel watch honors the iconic DC-3 airliner with a vintage white dial adorned with the plane's image along with "DC-3" and "1937". The solid stainless steel case back also features an image of the plane and "DC-3." Numerals and markers are in contrasting black, as are the two sub-dials indicating minutes and seconds. Special functions include a chronograph with a stop watch feature and a date display. A genuine leather strap with a faux croc pattern completes the classic look, while a precision quartz movement and quartz mineral lens complete this quality timepiece. The DC-3 Classic Men's Watch arrives in a deluxe gift box. Heavy demand is expected, so don't delay. Order now!

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