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Jack Sorenson Paintings
The American West

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Remembered Times by Jack Sorensen

Remembered Times by Jack Sorensen
Giclee Print

Sandstone and Stolen Horses by Jack Sorenson

Sandstone & Stolen Horses - Premium Giclee Print

The Lookouts by Jack Sorenson

The Lookouts - Premium Giclee Print

Grand Canyon by Jack Sorenson

Grand Canyon - Art Print

Western Landscape by Jack Sorenson

Western Landscape - Art Print

The Bay Filly by Jack Sorenson

The Bay Filly - Premium Giclee Print

A Place in the Sun by Jack Sorenson

A Place in the Sun - Premium Giclee Print

Into the Draw by Jack Sorensen

Into the Draw by Jack Sorensen.

Hard to Get To by Jack Sorensen

Hard to Get To - Premium Giclee Print

Between Rocks & Hard Places by Jack Sorensen

Between Rocks & Hard Places - Giclee Print

Great American Cowboyby Jack Sorensen

Great American Cowboyby - Giclee Print

Watched - by Jack Sorensen

Watched - Premium Giclee Print

The Bay by Jack Sorenson

The Bay - Giclee Print

Western Church by Jack Sorenson

Western Church - Art Print

Comin' In by Jack Sorenson

Comin' In - Premium Giclee Print

Goodnight's Legacy by Jack Sorenson

Goodnight's Legacy - Art Print

Cure of the Rockies by Jack Sorenson

Cure of the Rockies - Premium Giclee Print

Made in the Shade by Jack Sorenson

Made in the Shade - Art Print

Jack Sorenson paintings, art prints

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