Giovanni Paolo Pannini
Antique Architecture

Various Art Prints from Fine Art Paintings
by Giovanni Paolo Pannini (1691-1765).

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Interior of St. Peter's, Rome, by Giovanni Paolo Pannini

Interior of St. Peter's, Rome
by Giovanni Paolo Pannini

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Gallery with Views of Modern Rome, 1759 - by Giovanni Paolo Pannini

Gallery with Views of Modern Rome, 1759 by Giovanni Paolo Pannini

Giovanni Paolo Pannini Paintings - Art Prints.

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1:18-Scale 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500K Special Roadster Diecast Car

1:18-Scale 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500K Special Roadster Diecast Car

For the automobile industry, the 1930s was a time of bright ideas and outrageous innovation. Determined not to let the darkness of the Depression dampen their spirits, carmakers let their imaginations run wild, designing road warriors that were more powerful and more luxurious than ever before! Now you can bring home a tribute to this incredible period of time in automobile history with the 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500K Special Roadster Diecast Car, available from The Hamilton Collection. This masterfully engineered, 1:18-scale diecast car replica boasts a diecast body plus all the authentic styling and sophistication of the original 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500K Special Roadster - complete with a working rumble seat, ornate interior, glistening chrome-like accents and so much more! You won't believe your eyes when you see the crisp white paint treatment sprawling across the prominent fenders, the fully-functional steering and four-wheel suspensions, and the wire wheels that actually roll. Strong demand is anticipated for this Mercedes-Benz collectible, so don't delay. Order now!

1952 Hudson Hornet 1:18-Scale Diecast Replica Car

1952 Hudson Hornet 1:18-Scale Diecast Replica Car

Built between 1951 and 1954, first-generation Hudson Hornets merged the body and chassis frame into a single structure that lowered the floor pan so the driver would have to step down into the car. This design not only gave the car extra headroom inside and aerodynamic styling outside, it also lowered the center of gravity for better handling - a bonus for racing. In fact, it proved to be nearly invincible, winning 27 NASCAR® and 14 AAA stock car races! It was a big hit off the track, as well; with its sleek look, it provided a smooth, road-hugging ride that let up to 6 passengers travel in comfort and style. Now, you can celebrate the 65th anniversary of this history-making model with the 1952 Hudson Hornet Diecast Car, a 1:18-scale diecast replica car presented by The Hamilton Collection and manufactured by ACME Trading Company under license. This impressive Hudson collectible is precision-engineered with over 200 parts for exacting detail. Real car buffs won't be able to wait to open the hood of this incredible diecast car to get a glimpse of the Hudson Hornet's powerful "Twin H" dual single-barrel carburetors atop a dual-intake manifold that produced up to 210 horsepower, delivering track speeds of up to 112 m.p.h. With its 308 cubic inch L-head design, it was the largest six-cylinder engine in the world at the time. And be sure to notice the functional suspension, plus scoops on the hood that ducted cold air to the carburetors to keep the engine running cool and smooth. Vintage two-door coupe styling, a removable convertible top, and a two-tone hand-painted finish with silvery chrome-look accents further add to this ragtop's enduring appeal. Real rolling, steerable rubber tires, an opening trunk and doors round out this amazing diecast car. Strong demand is expected. Order now!

1:18-Scale Ford Model T 1914 Fire Engine Diecast Truck With Fire Hose Accessories

1:18-Scale Ford Model T 1914 Fire Engine Diecast Truck With Fire Hose Accessories

Imagine what it must have been like over a century ago when firefighters had to reach fires via horse-drawn carriages and sling water from buckets instead of hoses! Fortunately, automotive pioneer Henry Ford revolutionized firefighting with the mass production of the legendary Ford Model T, the "Tin Lizzie". The vehicle's chassis was adaptable to many uses, including being equipped with firefighting equipment. For many small towns, the Model T marked their first motorized fire engine. Now, honor this historic firefighting icon with a 1914 Ford Model T Fire Engine 1:18-scale diecast replica presented by The Hamilton Collection. Sleekly styled to reflect the glory of the legendary hook-and-ladder style engine, this Model T fire engine diecast boasts a simple chassis, spoked wheels and loads of hand-painted brass-colored trim. The louvered hood opens with a special key to reveal detail that mirrors the design of the Motel T's four-cylinder engine while a personalized license plate and Ford emblems make it known this is a historical vehicle. The wooden ladder is both removable and extendable, and the fabric fire hose unrolls. Leather-like seats, real rubber wheels, fully articulated headlights, workable steering, a bell that rings, and realistic nozzles and pressure gauges add even more authenticity to this striking diecast fire truck. Strong demand is expected, and you won't want to miss out, so order now!

The Roman Wolf & Twins Ancient Bronze NGC Coin

The Roman Wolf & Twins Ancient Bronze NGC Coin

The Bronze Follis was a remarkable departure from established Roman coin design. Instead of featuring Emperor Constantine the Great, it reaffirmed Rome's central role in the empire by portraying the myths of its founding. Now, you have a rare opportunity to own this millennia-old treasure: The Roman Wolf & Twins Ancient Bronze Coin, available in a collector's presentation ONLY from The Bradford Exchange Mint. Hand-struck over 1,000 years ago to honor the city of Rome around A.D. 332, this distinctive ancient coin is a must for coin collectors and history buffs. And because it was struck by hand, no two coins are exactly alike. The words "VRBS ROMA" (Latin for "City of Rome") are showcased on the obverse side of this historic coin, along with the city's helmeted goddess, Roma. The reverse side of the coin captures the famous story of the city's twin founders, Romulus and Remus, who were nursed by a she-wolf. Certified by the prestigious Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), your genuine bronze coin arrives sealed within a protective, tamper-proof holder with an NGC logo security hologram, bar code and identification number. Plus, your NGC coin also includes a deluxe display box for an impressive presentation. Don't miss this coin collecting opportunity. Strong demand is expected, so hurry and order now!

Greg Alexander Whitetail Majesty Accent Lamp With Whitetail Deer

Greg Alexander Whitetail Majesty Accent Lamp With Whitetail Deer

In the hush of a misty winter morning, three whitetails pause unaware to drink at a running stream. In a heartbeat, the 10-point buck raises his regal head, only to spot you and bound away instantly, his hooves spraying white powder snow behind. Now, you can bring this rare whitetail deer moment in nature to your home with the striking Whitetail Majesty Lamp, a limited-edition first-of-a-kind home accent lighting exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Standing nearly one and one-half feet tall, this wildlife decor by acclaimed artist Greg Alexander features his riveting artwork softly glowing from within the 10-inch fabric shade when you turn on the lamp. Below the shade stands a striking fully sculpted and hand-painted deer sculpture, inspired by Mr. Alexander's art, in an alert pose with thorny alters. Plus, the mahogany-finished base with textured tree bark and rocky terrain add extra realism and dramatic effect. Strong demand is expected for this unique tabletop accent lamp, so order now!

Elvis Burning Love Women's Quilted Tote Bag

Elvis Burning Love Women's Quilted Tote Bag

Whether showing off his dreamy smile, his show-stopping moves or his one-of-a-kind voice, Elvis Presley™ stole the hearts of millions around the world. Now, you can honor your love of Elvis Presley with the Elvis™ Burning Love Tote Bag, a fashion design original exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Taking center stage on this women's quilted tote bag is a montage of classic Elvis images along with Elvis's signature. It's a rockin' treat for fans of Elvis and fashion. Expertly crafted of high-quality quilted fabric with a stylish ombre coloring and gold-colored piping, this fine tote bag is just as fashionable as it is versatile. A top zip closure keeps your belongings secure, and an inside zippered pocket plus two slip pockets provide extra space for organization. A sparkling silvery heart charm with the words "I [heart] ELVIS" dangles from one of the straps as the perfect finishing touch. A stellar tote bag for fans of the King of Rock 'n' Roll™, strong demand is expected for this Creative Expressions™ apparel, so don't delay. Order now!

Granddaughter Owl Always Love You Personalized Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace

Granddaughter Owl Always Love You Personalized Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace

When it comes to your granddaughter, you are always ready to show her love, offer her wisdom and lend her a helping hand. Now you can give her a gift that celebrates the joy she brings to your life with the Owl Always Love You Personalized Pendant Necklace, a fine jewelry design exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. A fashionable way to remind your granddaughter you love her, you may choose to customize the heart charm of this necklace with your granddaughter's name for FREE to let her know she is a one-of-a-kind treasure. Featuring two adorable owls, this Owl Always Love You necklace is imbued with the strong nurturing bond between a grandmother and her granddaughter. The crystal heart pendant combines the beauty of a glittering design with heartwarming owl imagery. Adding even more meaning to the necklace, the heartfelt sentiment "My Precious Granddaughter Owl Always Love You" is featured on the back of the crystal pendant. The heart charm featuring your granddaughter's name dangles at the clasp of the necklace. And, as the perfect finishing touch, a sterling silver bail and matching chain complete the look. Strong demand is expected for this personalized granddaughter gift, so don't wait! Order now!

Serena Witch Portrait Doll

Serena Witch Portrait Doll

It's Halloween night and the witching hour has arrived! At the stroke of midnight, this pretty sorceress dons her most enchanting attire, a gorgeous gown woven of spider webs and sparkling with allure. Now, get in the Halloween spirit and celebrate all things spooky with the Serena Portrait Doll, a spectacular Collector's Edition exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. Standing an impressive 21 inches tall, this boo-tiful witch doll is sure to send shivers down your spine from the moment you see her standing there with her rustic broom and her favorite cauldron nearby, just waiting to brew up mischief! Fully sculpted, then translated into fine bisque porcelain by talented artisans, this witch portrait doll is also hand-painted, adding shading to her cheekbones and soft color to her mouth. Her head and arms are poseable for more engaging displays. Plus, her long-sleeved gown features a full skirt topped by a sheer layer of spider-web patterned organza, sparkling with a generous application of orange sequins, black lace and a high collar. The fantasy continues as purple tulle wraps the crown on this witch doll's peaked black hat and black-and-orange socks peek out from above her boots. Strong demand is expected, so order now!

Titania, Queen Of The Fairies Fantasy Doll

Titania, Queen Of The Fairies Fantasy Doll

Throughout the history of literature and love, many stories were told of fairy queens who had charge of the magical creatures who lived in the forests. But it was William Shakespeare who created the ultimate Queen of the Fairies. Now, you can celebrate this legendary fairy inspired by Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in the Titania, Queen of The Fairies Fantasy Doll by award-winning Master Doll Artist Sandra Bilotto. An Ashton-Drake Galleries Collector's Edition exclusive, this stunning fairy doll is the FIRST porcelain fantasy doll inspired by a classic Shakespearean character! You'll marvel at how Titania captures the sunlight or midsummer night's moonlight with her sparkling accents! Titania's head, arms and legs are perfectly sculpted and handcrafted in fine bisque porcelain while her hand-painted brows, lips and fingernails add extra delight. She is poseable, so her head and arms can be placed in poses to show her off in the best possible way. Plus, standing at 22" tall, this collectible Queen of the Fairies doll is dressed in a hand-tailored white satin gown with glittering taffeta overskirt that is gathered along the edges with pink satin roses, matching the ones that climb up from the gown's hem. Titania dazzles in a lace-covered bodice with sweetheart neckline and "pearl" accents and a soft green chiffon cape that includes over a dozen faux gems, and is held in place at the neck with a crystal butterfly clasp. Her petal crown and faux pearl drop earrings finish off this amazing vision of forest fantasy. Strong demand is expected, order now!

Cleopatra Goddess Of Egypt Mosaic Glass Sculpture

Cleopatra Goddess Of Egypt Mosaic Glass Sculpture

Cleopatra, Goddess of Egypt, was not only a ravishing beauty, she was a commanding pharaoh who engaged in relentless power struggles with the future Roman emperor. She's acclaimed as one of the most brilliant, powerful and alluring women of antiquity. Now, you can celebrate the beauty and power of one of the most celebrated women in ancient history with the Cleopatra Goddess of Egypt Sculpture, an alluring Cleopatra sculpture available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange in a strictly limited edition of 3,000 sculptures worldwide! This beautiful Cleopatra Goddess of Egypt Sculpture is exquisitely hand-cast in artist's resin and then hand-painted for lifelike detail, from her chiseled cheekbones, mesmerizing eyes and highly defined eyeliner to the rich golden sheen on her winged headdress, fitted bodice and skirt. Ensuring your Cleopatra sculpture is one-of-a-kind are the hundreds of individually placed glass mosaic pieces that comprise her shimmering skirt. For added sparkle, her headdress and hip-hugging belt are embellished with handset Swarovski™ crystals. The golden snake-themed bracelets and scepter serve as ancient symbols of her authority over Egypt. A magnificent representation of this sultry and powerful ruler, this stunning Cleopatra sculpture stands 12 inches tall on a marbleized pedestal. Surely this gorgeous sculpture of Cleopatra will make a striking addition to any room and is a remarkable testament to one of the most well known female figures in all of history. However, you must act now. Strong demand is expected and with an edition limit of just 3,000 sculptures worldwide, demand could outweigh supply. So, don't hesitate. Order now!

The JFK Inaugural Address Masterpiece Framed Wall Decor

The JFK Inaugural Address Masterpiece Framed Wall Decor

On January 20, 1961, John Fitzgerald Kennedy made history with his powerful Inaugural Address. Inspiring Americans to envision a boundless future and pursue "new frontiers", the influence of the man and his words is undeniable. Now, museum-quality JFK wall decor honors that milestone moment and the lasting legacy of our 35th U.S. President. A custom-crafted presentation exclusively from The Bradford Exchange Mint, The JFK Inaugural Address Wall Decor is a handsome framed masterpiece uniting the historic inaugural address, iconic imagery of JFK and a complete 1961-dated U.S. Mint coin set to create the ultimate President John F. Kennedy collectible. This collectible JFK tribute's striking focal point showcases a black and white photo of the president giving his Inaugural Address, alongside a facsimile typewritten transcript of excerpts from the famous address. One of the most lasting quotes from the address: "ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU..." is emblazoned at the top, while the bottom features a complete 5-piece set of 1961-dated U.S. coinage in VG collector's condition. Plus, the quarter, half dollar and dime were struck in 90% silver! Your commemorative JFK homage arrives professionally matted in rich black with golden accents, within a mahogany-toned wooden frame featuring a gleaming title plaque and protective glass. Strong demand is expected for this historic presentation, so order now!

Mark Twain First Edition Replica: Life On The Mississippi Book

Mark Twain First Edition Replica: Life On The Mississippi Book

Already famous for his European travel memoirs, Mark Twain wrote "Life on the Mississippi" and created a book for America, combining observations drawn from his time as a steamboat pilot on the Mississippi with a trip down the same river many years later. Now this authentic First Edition Replica brings that original Mark Twain book into the 21st century and makes it yours to enjoy forever, reissued in its original form by expert literary preservationists and publishers Charles Winthrope & Sons, and available ONLY from The Bradford Exchange Press. The elaborate cover on this memoir is an example of the care Twain put into his books, boasting the same debossed and gilded cover, bindings, patterned endpapers, and even the typographical errors of the first edition. The original typeface and illustrations are meticulously reproduced as well. The FREE protective dust jacket features colorful scenes of life on the mighty Mississippi and beautifully preserves the heirloom quality of your Mark Twain book. Additionally, your book comes with a FREE exclusive "Inside Story" insert that reveals the book's unique history. Intense demand is anticipated, so hurry. Order now!

Gone With The Wind Fashion Doll: Scarlett, Belle Of The Barbecue

Gone With The Wind Fashion Doll: Scarlett, Belle Of The Barbecue

Scarlett O'Hara flirted, fussed, spoke her mind and stole our hearts like no other Southern Belle since the epic film, "Gone With The Wind"! Now, you can celebrate this beautiful, strong-minded and charming heroine with a stunning "talking" fashion doll. This talking doll created in tribute to one of the most beloved characters is a first-ever exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries and plays Scarlett's first words to Rhett Butler in the Twelve Oaks. drawing room along with music from "Tara's Theme"! Exquisitely handcrafted of artist's resin and meticulously hand-painted to recreate every realistic detail, This striking doll has poseable arms and she wears a floral-print ruffled dress with an emerald sash and comes with a "coral" necklace and earrings. A lace shawl and fashionable picture hat like the one Scarlett wore to the barbeque in "Gone with the Wind" add authentic details. Strong demand is expected for this one-of-a-kind doll, and you won't want to miss out. Order now!

Gone With The Wind: Scarlett O'Hara Dressed Like A Queen Talking Portrait Doll

Gone With The Wind: Scarlett O'Hara Dressed Like A Queen Talking Portrait Doll

In order to save Tara from ruin, Scarlett O'Hara™ knew that she must dress the part! Now, celebrate one of the most iconic dresses from "Gone with the Wind™" and the fiery heroine who wore it with the Scarlett, Dressed Like a Queen Portrait Doll. Officially licensed by Warner Bros and available exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries, this beautiful Scarlett O'Hara fashion doll "talks" at the touch of a button - hear the determined conversation with Mammy to make a dress that would have her "looking like a queen"! Wearing a stunning recreation of her heavy green curtain dress, trimmed in gold fringe and feather accents, this Gone with the Wind talking doll is exquisitely handcrafted of artist's resin and meticulously hand-painted to recreate every realistic detail. Standing at an impressive 14" tall, Scarlett is even poseable for added allure. Strong demand is anticipated, so don't delay. Order now!

GONE WITH THE WIND Framed Oval Collector Plate

GONE WITH THE WIND Framed Oval Collector Plate

The epic film GONE WITH THE WIND™ is a love story and Civil War drama like no other. At the center of it all are the beautiful SCARLETT O'HARA™ and the handsome RHETT BUTLER™ entwined in a romance to remember. And decades after it's first release, this cinema classic continues to captive audiences everywhere. Now, you can relive the passion and history as never before with the GONE WITH THE WIND™ Collector Plate, a limited edition available only from The Bradford Exchange. Inspired by the movie's iconic couple, this striking GONE WITH THE WIND collectible features a spectacular montage of seven treasured scenes that dramatically capture the film's vivid colors and powerful emotions. Showcased in the middle of the oval plate are SCARLETT and RHETT in a passionate embrace, looking into each other's eyes. They're surrounded by memorable visions of the Southern beauty, portrayed in some of the lavish period costumes she wore throughout the film - and there's even another image of SCARLETT with her dashing suitor. This splendid montage is enhanced with golden filigree designs and the film's famous logo. Grandly sized at nearly 16 inches high, it's presented in a handsome mahogany-finished, wood-grained frame. Your beautifully framed collector plate arrives ready to display in your home. Strong demand is anticipated. So don't delay; order now!

The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes By A. Conan Doyle: First Edition Replica Book

The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes By A. Conan Doyle: First Edition Replica Book

First published in 1892, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" has stood the test of time. Today, the twelve short stories contained in this literary masterpiece continue to enthrall readers and inspire new generations of Sherlock Holmes fans. Now, a first edition replica of this beloved Sir Arthur Conan Doyle book is yours to treasure. Reissued in a strictly limited edition of just 4,999 worldwide by expert literary preservationists and publishers Charles Winthrope & Sons, this The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes Book is a stellar first-edition reproduction available ONLY from The Bradford Exchange Press. This stunning first edition replica captures the prestigious look of the original first edition, just as it appeared when first published in 1892. From the elaborate exterior binding with gilded and debossed embellishments, to the author-approved interior type and illustrations, every detail is flawlessly and painstakingly replicated for you. Your impressive hardcover volume even arrives with a FREE elegant gold embossed dust jacket, as well as a FREE "First Edition Collector's Secrets" insert featuring details about the book's history. Strong demand is expected, so don't wait to secure your Adventures of Sherlock Holmes first edition replica. Order now!

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